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Visa Guidance

Visa Process

Visa application is one of the most important aspects of your preparatory courses for study abroad. A visa, however, can also be one of the most unpleasant aspects of preparation. This is an aspect with which you will seek advice.

Care for quarries maintains excellent relations with embassies and high commissions around the world and can provide you with accurate information about study visas abroad and perfect experience of obtaining a visa for study abroad.

Our team of experienced visa consultants abroad has experience in all countries and can lead you through a complex labyrinth of preparation and applying for a visa.

You can take advantage of our full range of tips to ensure complete preparation, taking advantage of our advice on collecting relevant documents. It also includes all the important financial aspects and assistance with the key aspects of any interview that you can have in the High Commission or Embassy. With a refueling card you can be sure that you will be able to successfully pass all foreign study visas.

At Grooming Careers, we are here to help you apply for a visa with minimal hassle and stress.

With the help of our visa consultants, you can be sure that you easily fulfill all the requirements and requirements for a visa. Our Team will also carefully examine the documents and check whether everything is in order before sending them.

Our professional experts will also provide you with an important checklist and help you to prepare documents for obtaining a visa if necessary. Consultations with employment experts make the complex process of applying for student visas very simple and easy. Experts know exactly how to manage students throughout the student visa abroad.

American VisaF-1 visa is a university student visa that allows students to study at any of the accredited universities and colleges in the United States. Having received an I-20 confirming that the student is admitted to the university, he must pay the visa fee and SEVIS fee before issuing the visa, by filling out the application form for the visa.

UK VisaIf you are applying for a visa in the UK, our experienced counselors will guide you through this process. To obtain a visa in the United Kingdom, you must be eligible for a system based on Level 4 credits. You must have at least 40 points for a student visa in the United

Australian VisaFor Australian student visas, our knowledgeable advisers will help you determine the type of visa that you need to apply, depending on the course that you are planning to take. Australian student visas must be submitted within 12 weeks prior to orientation at the institute.

Canadian VisaA Canadian visa requires that you submit several documents: a letter of unconditional acceptance, passport size photos, passport, receipt, academic documents, financial documents, all relevant correspondence with the university, letter of scholarship, if applicable, medical records, details work experience and test results. In addition to providing the correct advice on a visa in Canada,
Grooming Careers advisers will also review your documents.

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