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GMAT Exam Guide

About GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test computer running Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The test is designed to measure an analytical, quantitative, verbal, reading and writing the applicant in writing in English for admission to management programs, such as business administration and a master Masters in course of postgraduate related finances. When used in a business school that is abroad, you will be asked to provide the card account, resulting in the GMAT exam. More than 2,100 universities and institutions use GMAT scores as part of the eligibility criteria for their programs. GMAT over 600 test centers in 114 countries worldwide.

GMAT is a test control input and is maintained throughout the year. Candidates have the means to plan and the availability period of time, respectively. In 1953, the directors of the various colleges, including Columbia and Harvard met testing services in the field of education to discuss the strategy for the admission tests for standard business schools. testing services in the field of education (ETS), which administers the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and prepared the admission test for graduate studies in business.
In 1976, the Council of Graduate Management Admission changed its name to the test test Graduate Management Admission (GMAT). GMAT is now available in more than 114 countries worldwide.

GMAT test formats

GMAT exam consists of four general sections, such as
• Evaluation Analytical Writing
• depth study
• quantitative section
• verbal section
GMAT Test duration is half past three, but users need to plan your test time interval of about four hours, including breaks. Test users will have 30 minutes for writing analytical assessment and another 30 minutes to an integrated logic section, which covers 12 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes for the quantitative section that covers 37 issues and 75 minutes verbal section consists of 41 questions.

Eligibility Details

There are no specific eligibility criteria for the GMAT. Candidates must have reached 18 years. The institutions in which you are applying, may have eligibility requirements, but the GMAT has no other specific eligibility criteria.

Registration for GMAT

Candidates have the right to take the exam at any time at their convenience during the year. After the first attempt, candidates may move its next attempt only after 31 days and candidates are allowed five attempts in one year for the GMAT.
Here are the steps to register for the GMAT
• Go to the official site of the GMAT
• Complete the basic information needed
• The candidate must create a user ID and password
• Please make your payment (payment can be made through credit card / debit card or net banking)
• After completing these steps, candidates can enter the date and timing of the tests and the examination center.

GMAT Fees details

The fee structure for GMAT test is US$ 250

Admit card availability of GMAT:

The candidate can easily download their admit card on the official website of GMAT. Applicants must take printout cards and recognize carry it with you while appearing for the test.
The GMAT test is conducted round the year in India with 17 following GMAT test centers:

• Pune
• Delhi
• Jaipur
• Lucknow
• Kolkata
• Bangalore
• Hyderabad
• Ahmedabad
• Kochi
• Ranchi
• Mumbai
• Indore
• Nagpur
• Chennai
• Coimbatore
• Chandigarh
• Visakhapatnam


GMAT is the preferred management entrance exam conducted for admission to a wide range of graduate management programs. This is the first step for students who want to get a quality education in the MBA, Master of Accounting, and a Master of funding programs. This test is performed to analyze the quantitative analysis, verbal, reading and writing the applicant in writing in English to postgraduate management program admission. GMAT test score is accepted worldwide. More than 5,900 programs offered by more than 2,100 colleges and universities use GMAT test scores as a selection criteria for its programs.

Exam pattern of GMAT

GMAT test consists of 4 sections namely Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal.

Subject Time Duration Format  Topic Marks
Analytical Writing Assessment 30 min Essay Analysis of an argument 0 – 6
Integrated Reasoning 30 min 12 questions Multi Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two Part Analysis and  Table Analysis 1 – 8
Quantitative 75 min 37 Data Sufficiency and  Problem Solving  0-60
Verbal 75 min 41 Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and  Sentence Correction 0-60
Overall Score 3 hr. 30 min ___ 200-800

Important dates on the GMAT

GMAT is maintained throughout the year, and candidates are also offered to postpone after 31 days. You can take the GMAT more than five times a year. You need to do a training strategy in accordance with the dates of the examinations. There are no significant specific dates GMAT 2016 Applicants must schedule the date of the examination according to their ability. scores GMAT Test, the candidate receives in this test are valid for 5 years, but you must note that all colleges and institutes accept GMAT scores, you made it 5 years ago, the majority of college or institute reduced adoption 5 years points to 3 years. Thus, you must also meet the eligibility criteria of the college, as well.

The result of the declaration of the GMAT

Candidates may bring their results by visiting the official site. After completing the test, you get five points: Writing Assessment Analysis (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), quantitative and verbal. Applicants can use this account to use for the recognition of the business school to pursue business and management research. Candidates will have the right to cancel your test score. GMAT test score is accepted worldwide.

Preparation Tips for GMAT

There are two basic ways to prepare for the GMAT. It includes courses for self-learning or coaching. If anyone is safe enough to be able to prepare well unattended, the car can be the best alternative to prepare for the GMAT.

Also, if time is a constraint, and requires skillful leadership in preparing the GMAT exam, coaching classes are the best alternative. If you join these coaching classes, you will be provided with a team of experts to guide, training materials, the competitive environment, motivation, discipline, etc. This is the maximum you want to set a routine schedule of studies for the preparation of all actors. Preparation tips for all subjects are:

Preparation Tips for analysis Writing Assessment section (AWA)

Evaluation section Analytical Writing (AWA) consists of two components. analyze an argument you are asked, and the other asked to analyze the problem. The two tests may occur when you appear for the GMAT.
You will have 30 minutes for each section. Before you start writing an essay, you need to spend between 3 and 5 minutes from the formation of a rough plan of your trash, as expected, to describe your test. After the analysis is complete, it takes 3 to 5 minutes to look at what you wrote.

Important Tips

• Rate argument and plan the answer before writing
• Organize your ideas and improve them in full
• Provide relevant examples and reasons for

Preparation Tips for complex reasoning section (IR)

Section Integrated Reasoning (IR) contains 12 questions and the length of this section is 30 minutes. IR analysis sections and critical understanding of the tests in the real world of school business skills. You will be asked to analyze the data in words, diagrams, tables and graphs for the development of key assumptions.

Important Tips

• Discover Format
• Be prepared for a variety of issues
• Manage your time effectively
• Set your power

Preparation Tips for the quantitative section

Quantitative section measures your skills on an understanding of basic mathematical concepts. This section allows you 75 minutes and you have to answer 37 quantitative questions. In these sections, there are two types of questions the relevance of data and problem solving.

Important Tips

There is a need to worry about this section, the questions will be basic standard that you have already learned in high school class. You do not have to learn a new formula, but you will need to refresh their thinking skills.

Preparation Of Verbal Advice Section

Verbal section contains 41 questions, and the length of this section is 75 minutes. The verbal section includes critical thinking, reading comprehension and sentence correction questions and check your skills to read and understand documents.

Important Tips

• There will be many issues worth correcting the structure of grammar, reading and writing, so be careful when you try this section.
• You have to practice vocabulary. This will be useful in this section.
• After the test is completed, the entire practice, just look at the results, and you get an idea about your week areas.

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